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Adblock for Chrome

Posted: June 3rd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Reviews | No Comments »

I’ve been using Chrome for a while, and I must have missed the memo where they added extension support, so I didn’t know there was an AdBlock extension either.

Thank god for The Age. Browsing through some articles this morning, I noticed that they had a full-motion ad for cough medicine. My first thought was: wow, online ads have really come along. My second thought was: I wonder if I can get AdBlock for Chrome? I can tune out still ads, which is why I’ve been using Chrome without AdBlock for so long. These video ads are really hard to ignore, though.

I have to wonder if these advertising companies are sowing the seeds of their own destruction – if they keep making more annoying ads, more and more people will take the 10 seconds needed to install AdBlock.

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