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The path to productive effort: waste

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This silhouette is no fake

A few weeks ago I wrote about taking pleasure from putting effort into marketing. As I was writing that post, I had a moment of realisation. I’d been tossing these ideas around in my head, but committing them to paper made the much more concrete. So, has that moment of realisation led directly to a change in behaviour?

Well. Not quite yet.

I spoke about my rock climbing and how enjoying the effort has helped me get to the next level. What’s easy to forget, though, is the seven years of practice I’ve already put in. My mind and body already know the basics. I’ve got some idea of what productive effort should feel like.

When it comes to marketing, I don’t even know what productive effort feels like. So much of it feels like spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I can really relate to Andrey Butov’s comments on the bootstrapped podcast. You put in all is effort today that might not pay off for months – or might not pay off at all. It’s all well and good to enjoy the effort, but you don’t want to be wasting time.

The best way to minimise wasted effort is to surround yourself with others who have already done it. The only way to avoid wasting effort altogether, though, is not to try. And that’s not a real option. The path to productive effort is by putting in the hard graft, and accepting the failures with the successes.

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