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News can’t make money on the internet, 2013

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Dave Winer’s got an interesting article about how news can make money on the internet:

The answers are so obvious there’s no need to explain.

You should definitely read the original. I’ve cut out a bit. The last part really caught my eye, though. The answer is not obvious at all.

When I think about what I want from a news organisation, I want level-headed coverage of current affairs, in depth research, and unbiased analysis. In effect, I want information I can trust to help me become an informed citizen. Not an entertained consumer. An informed citizen.

Did that kind of organisation ever exist? Perhaps not. Was it closer than today? Probably. What’s changed to move us farther from that ideal? I certainly can’t say – it’s more than just the internet. I’d bet that there’s some underlying social changes there that a news organisation in 2013 ignores at their peril.

Now you can disagree with me about many points here. Have I misinterpreted Dave? Is my ideal news organisation out of kilter with what most people want, or some platonic ideal? Does it already exist? If it does – it’s not making money.

You might disagree with a lot. You have to agree with one thing though.

The answers aren’t obvious.

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