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How to create a secure single page app with a node.js backend

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Over the weekend, I put my first product online. It’s still a little bit rusty and not ready for the prime time. I’ve broken all the rules:

  • Haven’t identified who my customer is
  • Haven’t really identified that the pain is real
  • Haven’t set up a sales funnel
  • Haven’t set up anything for SEO
  • Spent a few days developing before doing any of the above

So, given the above, I would say that success is far from guaranteed!

I’ve also, though, learnt a lot – and in the scheme of things, a few days developing is not that bad. Over the next month, I’ll be blogging about how to create a secure single page application with a node.js backend. I’ll cover off:

  • Handling login, logout, and registration from a single page app
  • Adding in robust remember-me functionality
  • Protecting against CSRF
  • Protecting against XSS
  • Adding a reasonably robust remember-me to passport js
  • Enhancing security by adding some simple HTTP headers
  • Setting up to always redirect to SSL

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