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10 days of building an audience… 1 subscriber

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Well, 10 days in (or so) to my 60 day effort to build a pre-launch list of 500 email addresses for Trace Email Studio, I’ve managed to get one person signed up. Hmm, a little bit disappointing, I must say. However, I’ve got to say – this really is to be expected. I’m starting from a low base, and I’ve got a lot to learn. So. What have I learnt?

Traffic numbers

The total hits to the site have been around 42, or thereabouts. The main two sources have been – people clicking through from the link in my profile – and ‘direct’. ‘Direct’ is going to be a combination of a) me visiting the site on different devices and b) sending the link to a bunch of people I know who I thought might be interested, and asking for feedback.

So out of approaching 10-15 people I thought might be interested, did I have a conversion rate of 7.5%? No, in fact, I believe my one signup saw my profile on LinkedIn, googled me, and found Trace Email Studio that way. My direct approaches to people have so far resulted in no signups to the list. To be fair, I’m asking for feedback rather than asking them to signup, so it’s not exactly like I’m going for a hard sell.

But I did get some useful feedback!

The feedback that surprised me most, is that this comes across as a tool aimed at developers. This surprised me because I’ve developed it with non-developers in mind. I’ve been labelling my customer as ‘marketers'; I’m not sure how precise that label is. Firstly, there’s a lot of things that marketers do that Trace Email Studio doesn’t really address – even if you narrow it down just to email marketers. Trace Email Studio is really looking at transactional emails first and foremost. This is a small part of email marketing, and perhaps not where most email marketers would spend most of their time.

Moreover, transactional emails are not necessarily first-and-foremost the domain of marketers. Support, operations, and development are all likely more directly impacted by the transactional email, even if, yes, transactional emails can be deployed very effectively as a marketing tool.

The other part of this is that, as much as I’m developing this with non-developers in mind, I am in fact a developer. Perhaps my voice is just naturally more “developer” than anything else. If that’s true, then perhaps it’ll be fair easier and more authentic to pitch straight at developers.

Next up

I do want to run this by some more marketing types, to confirm if there is any interest here. Beyond that, I need to tart up the landing page and create a landing page aimed at developers.


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2 Comments on “10 days of building an audience… 1 subscriber”

  1. 1 Janice Fraser said at 9:03 am on August 8th, 2013:

    It’s funny, we’re in the midst of growing our list, as well. Here are two great articles that have helped us:

    While I’m not your target market, it’s inspiring to find another entrepreneur hacking away at the challenge.

  2. 2 Studds said at 6:36 pm on August 9th, 2013:

    Thanks for the links, Janice – best of luck growing your list!

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