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Daniel Studds

Predictable, high-quality web and mobile development

My focus as a developer is delivering software that changes businesses: increasing productivity, generating new revenue, or both.

My focus as a developer is delivering software that changes businesses, either by increasing productivity, generating new revenue, or both.

I aim to hit the ground running, an deliver working code in the first week - if not the first day. To that end, I only accept projects within my area of expertise - Angular and Typescript for web, and Ionic or Nativescript on mobile.

To maintain momentum through both short and long projects, I insist on good process and clean code: clear code standards, linting, code reviews and unit tests as a minimum; ideally e2e tests as well. These tasks are often seen as an unnecessary cost, even a luxury: thankfully, by re-using existing tools such as the angular CLI, I'm able to integrate these steps into my work with little or no marginal effort from day one.


Typescript Angular 5 Node.Js Karma Wallaby Jasmine Protractor Grunt NPM Heroku AWS EC2, Lambda, SES, SNS, SWF


Trace (5 years)

I was the CEO and lead developer for Trace Studio, leading a team of three.

Trace Studio helps large organisations (like insurance companies) manage their outbound emails and letters. Trace Studio features a custom rich-content editor that intelligently identifies content for reuse, and shows the user where else that same content has been used. Multiple users can edit simultaneously, and changes are syncronised between users in real time.

VicSuper (4 months)

As the senior front-end developer, responsible for developing the VicSuper mobile app and coaching junior developers.

The VicSuper mobile app allows VicSuper members to view their superannuation account details, and update their personal details. The app works across iOS and Android, and the user can log in using TouchID or FaceID. Once logged in, they can see details of their balances and contributions, as well as pension payments (if applicable). They can also explore their accounts via interactive balance history and investment allocation charts